The Mystery Men display a very unique version of rock and roll they call "Lucha Rock" Click the link to check out our sounds. Watch the Elbow!


Hailing from the Grimlak System & weighing in at 236 kilos, we present to you the Intergalactic Rock N Roll Luchadore Warriors known as The Mystery Men


“Bands, with enough practice, may be able to achieve musical precision, harmonic unity, and all around rocking-ness, but how many can claim intergalactic travel and elaborate masks? Probably, only The Mystery Men.”


Catherine Galioto

Toms River Patch

“No matter if the band is singing in soulful harmony or jamming into the stratosphere, that head bopping vibe is alive and kicking.”


Bill Bodkin

Editor in Chief -


"Musica Enmascarada" Reviewed on



"Musica Enmascarada" available for download CLICK the Album Cover